iPads in the Lab

irisnote iPad app

How will iPads affect data collection in the lab? Imagine working in a lab, recording experiment observations on a lightweight, portable notebook that captures all of your time/date information automatically, takes pictures, seamlessly incorporates equipment data files, and lets you look up references all in the same place. If you imagined a paper notebook, you’ll […]

How Scientific Misconduct Cases Could Be Avoided With ELN

Scientific fraud

We all want to believe that the results of experiments that scientists report are proven facts, backed by a wealth of statistical data and peer review. That is what research is all about, right? Unfortunately, several instances of scientific misconduct have been uncovered in recent years, highlighting another true fact: scientists are not infallible. Yet […]

ELN Helps Put the “Excellence” in the Next Generation of ELNs

Bio-IT World has published a new article covering the maturation of ELN software beyond simply replacing paper lab notebooks. Often referenced in the article, “ELN Excellence: The New Lab Notebooks,” is CERF’s advanced approach to collaboration, IP protection, and mobility via our iPad app iCERF. The article reports that “for ELNs to truly replace paper, the next frontier is […]

OSU Digital Union Learns About ELNs

What is ELN OSU presentation

Students and faculty members of Ohio State University recently had a chance to learn what Electronic Lab Notebooks are and how they are used in lab research settings. Specialists Rob Day and Wolfgang Rumpf visited the University’s Digital Union on January 29th and talked about why ELNs are needed in modern research. During their visit, […]

SharePoint or ELN: Using the right tool for the job

Manage data electronically

Written by Isabel Fasciano What is the difference between Microsoft SharePoint and an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)? While both are designed to store and share data, thus fostering business communication and collaboration, an ELN has the added advantage of being uniquely designed to satisfy the needs of the scientific community’s workflows, information viewing, and built-in compliance […]