CERF 5.3 Release Notes

Lab-Ally could not be more thrilled to be able to offer you the most stable, most compliant, most usable version of CERF ELN ever. Here are the highlights of changes included in the January 2017 CERF 5.0 release.


CERF 5.0 Release Notes
Download a PDF copy of the CERF 5.0 Release Notes here.
  • Updated to Java 1.8, MySQL 5.7.10, Tomcat 8.5.5, ActiveMQ 5.14, and GXT 2.4


  • Modern server installers provide streamlined installation and future upgrades.
  • Clients now support latest OS features in both Windows and Mac OS.
  • Server now allows non-standard ActiveMQ ports


  • New search parameters: Now you can search by file extension, by the CERF Resource ID, or within any specific collection.


  • Server now supports modern certificates including SHA256 with RSA 2048.


  • Added SSL and TLS support. You can now use popular email servers like Gmail to send your notifications.


  • Upgraded all of CERF’s graphics, toolbars and icons for a clean and modern user experience.
  • Combined and simplified the comment and note features.
  • Overall workflow simplification throughout the system that makes CERF easier to use while keeping every feature at your fingertips.


Feature image for CERF 5.0 release

  • Patched insecure resource downloading.
  • Multiple ActiveMQ improvements.
  • Multiple security enhancements.
  • Fixed session closing on SSL servers.
  • Changed loading priority of document tree to improve navigation speed.
  • Multiple improvements made to version history and branch protection.
  • Removed deprecated features.
  • Fixed a web portal log in error that occurred on some browsers.

… and dozens of internal components have also been updated.


CERF 5.0 is the award winning, 21CFR11 compliant, ultra-long-term lab data and document management system from Lab-Ally. Talk to us today to learn how we can help you protect your knowledge assets and remove barriers to Good Laboratory Practices so you can do great science.

CERF 5.0
We have the technology.