CERF for Principal Investigators

The CERF ELN features an abundance of solutions for Principal Investigators.

Protect your intellectual property!Solutions for Principal Investigators

  • Meets 21 CFR Part 11, GLP and ISO regulatory requirements
  • Automatically maintains a full audit trail, including all revisions with date/time stamps
  • Data is secure and safe with strong access control, encryption and redundancy

Monitor your lab’s research, at your desk or from your hotel room!

  • Review notebooks and add comments without leaving your office
  • Digitally sign off on research, track and remind co-signers and validate signatures

Optimize collaboration within your team, and with others!

  • Create dynamic groups so members can share their research work
  • Role-based sharing designates colleagues as Guest (view only), Annotator, Editor or Owner (initiates signing and sharing)

Manage researcher departures, effectively and gracefully!

  • Retain easy access to knowledge when researchers move on
  • Optionally allow researchers to take selected work with them when they leave

Ensure consistent results and processes throughout your lab!

  • Use easily created shared templates and protocols
  • Create “Controlled Documents” to distribute information or internal procedures, and track who’s read and/or agreed to them
  • Ensure that the research your staff conducts is credited to your lab

 Optimized “CERF for Principal Investigators” Training!

  • All installs include remote or on-site CERF for Principal Investigators training
  • We will show you how to use CERF to efficiently manage every aspect of your lab
  • We will show how to make your lab data more secure and how to protect your intellectual property (IP)
  • We will help you understand and maintain 21CFR11 compliance and how to validate your lab processes
  • We will train you how to collaborate safely and use CERF for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or as your Electronic Document Management  System (EDMS).
  • We can also train you and your labs on the principles of data integrity, ALCOA, ALCOA-PLUS, and more.
  • We can arrange to have neutral third party specialists help you with lab validation, compliance audits, FDA / GLP guidelines and more.