Resources: Documentation and Literature about CERF ELN

Lab-Ally has a library of resources at your fingertips to explain the ins and outs of why CERF ELN is the right choice for you:

Preview of one of CERF resources document titled What is CERF, explaining key benefits of the CERF ELN system

What is CERF?   –  Explains the key features and benefits of CERF ELN.

Why CERF?  –  CERF ELN has many unique capacities that set it part from competitors in the field.

Release Notes for CERF 5.0     (PDF)  –  A listing of the changes incorporated in the new January 2017 release of CERF 5.0

Minimum System Requirements for CERF 5.0  (PDF)  –  CERF is a flexible system designed to be compatible with many platforms; here is a listing of the system requirements needed to run CERF.

Getting Started with CERF    (PDF)  –  An easy to read introduction to using and setting up CERF.

21CFR11 Compliance and CERF   (PDF) A clause by clause detailing of the 21CFR11 complaint features found in CERF ELN.

Chemistry Tools in CERF    (PDF)  –  Find out how to use the chemistry tools and chemical structure search built into CERF.

CERF for Business    (PDF)  –  CERF can also be used as a secure, compliant and reliable document management system for any business; a total replacement for old fashioned tools like MS sharepoint or non-compliant, cloud-based tools outside of your control like Box or Dropbox.