Solutions for IT

CERF ELN is flexible and “IT friendly”

  • CERF is based on familiar tools including Apache Tomcat, Java and your choice of SQL database. MySQL is the default.
  • CERF does not “call home” or require access to anything external. It can even run on a totally secure, sealed LAN.
  • CERF client software is a standalone desktop app that you control completely. No unpredictable updates.
  • CERF 5.0 features all new installers and helper apps to ensure easy install of both client and server.
  • Online user documentation and responsive support minimizes user contact with your IT team.
  • Detailed technical documentation readily available for administrators.
  • Lab-Ally is highly focussed on total data management solutions for IT. We can help you deploy CERF in virtually any environment.

Broad platform support, at your place or ours

  • Windows and Macintosh fully supported for both server and clients.
  • Select either SaaS on your choice of host, or on-premise solutions.
  • Sever may be deployed on physical or virtual hosts. (For maximum longevity, we recommend a physical host).
  • Mac, Windows and native iPad clients.
  • Easy remote server install by our technicians, or we can talk you through self install of the server.

Built with integration in mind

  • Capture data directly from lab instruments using the CERF Automaton.
  • Supports LDAP.


  • Supports current encryption-in-flight protocols including SHA256 with RSA 2048.
  • Supports access lists, access roles and true PKI digital signatures with secondary signature password.
  • Does not require internet access, so CERF can even be run on a totally secure, sealed LAN.

Future Proof

  • Perpetual license and low cost of ownership means worry-free control of your data forever.
  • Option to “freeze” your install to avoid the expenses associated with re-validating everything after every update