About CERF

CERF (Collaborative Electronic Research Framework) Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) was originally developed in the early 2000’s by Rescentris, Inc, based in Columbus, Ohio. CERF was one of the first commercial ELN software solutions created, and has consistently been first-to-market with a range of advanced features and technologies that other systems still cannot match. Although other Lab Notebook Software solutions have come and gone, only CERF can boast an unbroken record of continuous use and development, as well as a proven, award-winning track record of reliable sustainability. Scientific clients world-wide have trusted CERF ELN with their data for more than a decade and so should you. In 2012, management of Rescentris passed to a silicon valley group, but in 2014, the CERF HQ returned to central Ohio, where the product is now developed and supported by life-science experts Lab-Ally LLC. CERF is feature-rich and flexible. Although it was originally designed for use in GLP biology research, our customers include a variety of commercial labs, pharma companies, academic institutions, food, energy and biomedical companies, as well as healthcare organizations and small business that need to collaboratively manage files or documents according to good data and record management practices (GDRP) and  ALCOA principles.

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Lab-Ally has was founded in 2013 by former Ohio State University scientists. Our new team includes many of the original engineers and support specialists who created CERF, as well as talented new informatics specialists, life scientists and IT experts.

About Partners & Distributors

We are a complete solutions company. We complement our industry-leading electronic lab notebook (ELN) by offering a full range of best-of-breed products and services to support the entire lifecycle of research and development. Our goal is to work in partnership with our customers to deliver and support comprehensive information systems that help organizations solve tough data management problems, improve research efficiencies, capture and protect knowledge assets and improve ROI for your R&D investments. Schedule a call or webinar today so we can tell you why you should become a CERF user, technology partner, reseller, service partner or independent validation consultant.