CERF Automaton

CERF ELN Automaton is fully compatible with Linux, Apple (Mac), and Windows operating systems.
CERF 5.0 ELN includes the Automaton App, which works with any source, any platform, or any OS to seamlessly, automatically import data right where you need it to go.

The CERF Automaton is a small desktop application that is included free with every CERF purchase. The Automaton can launch on startup of Mac or Windows workstations, and can be configured to watch specific designated folders. When files arrive in the target folder, the Automaton copies them to CERF. The uploaded files are placed in existing CERF File Cabinets, Folders, or Notebook Pages. Once copied to CERF, the Automaton can be configured to either move the source files to a different directory, or delete them entirely.

The CERF Automaton can be combined with other tools like conditional scripts, DropboxTM folders, or any lab instrument that outputs data files. It can also be used with third party software tools and data loggers that turn data streams into discrete files. Rules can be attached to each target folder, allowing data to be collected, filtered, and routed from different CERF users to different secure locations in CERF.

The Automaton supports SSL and can be downloaded by partners or off-site collaborators and used as a simple way to send data quickly and securely to specific destinations on your CERF server, bypassing your company’s email or FTP servers completely. Alternatively, off-site users can utilize other mechanism such as DropboxTM or Skype to deposit files into a one or more folders on your network. The CERF Automaton can then be configured to watch those folders and instantly add any new arrivals to CERF the moment they arrive ensuring secure, accurate chain-of-custody records.

Diagram shows the workflow of CERF Automaton, showing how data files created by your lab instruments is automatically deposited into the proper library in CERF ELN


The CERF Automaton is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use. It can be used in a wide range of scenarios and helps to ensure that the various human and non-human data capture events in your organization always become part of your 21CFR11 compliant record. You can install the Automaton on as many computers as you like and create as many different data capture rules as you need on each instance. For example, if your organization uses an analyzer that outputs data files after each run, and different users work with that analyzer each day, you can create a folder for each CERF user on the desktop of the analyzer machine. The Automaton can then move files placed into those folders directly to a corresponding folder in CERF.