CERF Webinar

CERF Webinars are an excellent introduction to the challenges faced by the modern research organization and how the CERF Electronic Laboratory Notebook can solve many of these problems. CERF Webinars will show how both researchers and managers alike will benefit from the use of the CERF ELN system. CERF Webinars are also great for new customers who have just purchased the product as well as a great refresher for long-time customers.

Basic CERF Webinar

Getting started and what sets CERF apart from the others

  • Logging into system
  • Working with notebooks and file cabinets
  • Working with document storage
  • Searching – CERF has a ground-breaking search system that gives ranked results and more
  • Tagging information
  • Visually working with all types of data – CERF supports ANY data, ANY extension, ANY size.

Anyone can request this webinar, particularly:

  • Anyone interested in saving time documenting or doing work
  • Those who have difficulty finding experiments, lost data, etc.
  • Managers who want to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Anyone concerned with protecting rights to data or ability to publish or patent data
  • Scientists, academics, business managers
  • Anyone looking to implement an ELN within their organization, including members of
    • Informatics
    • Information Technology, Information Systems
    • Records Management
    • QA/QC
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