Data Management Solutions for Researchers

CERF is a secure, 21CFR11 compliant data management software product designed to create, capture, store and oversee records, workflows and documents. CERF offers the functions of an enterprise grade ELN, LIMS, and LIS system, PLUS a fully compliant replacement for home-grown file serves, and non-compliant systems like MS Sharepoint. CERF allows organizations to enjoy greater efficiency, dramatically improved accuracy, configurable compliance, controlled collaboration and easy oversight, all in a single, stand-alone system. CERF is extremely flexible. It supports the file formats and scientific data types you already use, and includes a wide range of management tools for SOPs, samples, ontologies, digital signatures and more. CERF is ideal for Discovery, GLP or FDA regulated labs, or organizations that want to observe ALCOA-PLUS good documentation and data integrity practices.

Researchers can capture data their waySolutions for Researchers

  • Researchers can enter text via keyboard, handwriting recognition apps, voice dictation, or any other method they usually use with their computer. They  can add any file in any format via drag-and-drop. Addition of single documents and whole complex, hierarchic folder and file trees is supported. Users can also capture emails and email attachments as well as .ZIP, .XML or other bundles of data from instruments or remote partners using the CERF Automaton. The CERF Automaton works great with third party data capture tools like Mettler Toledo LabX or Topos Technologies LabSpeed LS
  • Use your favorite application, such as Word or Excel. Launch directly from within CERF ELN, while taking advantage of its version control, audit trail and secure collaboration features.
  • Use in-line file viewers to see most file types instantly (including standard MS Office documents and scientific file types like sequence files and chemistry structures) or represent your data using any image, screen capture or description to give instant, at a glance meaning to obscure file types or verbose data.
  • Use any file you like as a template for data in CERF. CERF ELN’s elegant round-trip editing engine lets you summon those files as needed, edit or fill in missing data, then return seamlessly to the CERF server.
  • Streamline and expedite routine tasks with easily created templates for entries, pages, experiments or entire notebooks.
  • Link to additional files, data, samples or resources stored inside or outside the system. CERF is flexible and accommodates data management tools you already use.

Data management at your fingertips

  • Organize lab and reference data into folders, notebooks, sections and pages
  • Version control maintains all revisions, including metadata on who did what and when
  • Add links to connect to external databases for very large datasets
  • Store, retrieve or archive all your data in a secure environment
  • Data management that is secure, flexible, reliable and under your sole control

Powerful semantic search. Never lose data again

  • Easily find data from weeks, months, even years ago
  • Search colleagues’ work, as well as your own (subject to access rights)
  • Search structured, unstructured and metadata
  • Tag, bookmark or rate data for efficient bundling and rapid retrieval of related assets
  • Automatic and seamless metadata extraction from most file types including GPS data associated with images and voice annotations taken with your mobile device. Metadata immediately becomes a searchable category.
  • All resources are given a unique identifier that lets you cite the location of anything to your colleagues instantly
  • Trace the history and context of data making it easy to see how data was collected and used during the discovery process
  • Enjoy Data Management as it should be. Preserve the knowledge and methods of your organization through the years despite changes in staff, project goals and corporate structure.

Collaborate with colleagues…inside and outside your organization

  • Choose what and with whom you share your data, and what they can do with it
  • Built-in messaging with full audit trail
  • Comment on your colleagues’ research

Comply, effortlessly and from anywhere

  • Fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, FISMA, GLP and ISO regulatory requirements
  • Automatic audit trail lets you effortlessly capture all revisions. Export audit report with a single click.
  • Digitally sign off on research from across the lab or across the world

Export your work easily

  • Streamline your publishing process by having all your information in one place
  • Easily convert pages, sections or entire notebooks into PDF
  • Package and deliver work to a patent attorney, while remaining within the security of the CERF ELN system
  • Alternatively, use the bulk export command to retrieve some or all of your original data in its native file formats, along with all metadata, hierarchically organized just as it is in CERF, or selectively extracted as a flat list of related files.

CERF ELN has several options to export for ease of data management