Lab-Ally Proudly Announces Release of CERF 5.3

CERF 5.0 Release Announced

It is with considerable pleasure that we announce the release of CERF ELN version 5.3 When Lab-Ally took over support of the CERF ELN product in 2014, our main concern was the immediate protection of the priceless research data for the existing CERF user community.  Eventually, we were able to acquire the CERF source code and assemble […]

CERF Update Released

  The best news this year for CERF users…. Announcing CERF Update CERF Server version is now available and recommended for all users. This is the first update created entirely by Lab-Ally LLC. This update includes: Critical security patches and improvements. Updated core components, including Apache Tomcat. Improved PDF Printing. Our new CERF Export Management […]

Lab-Ally Continues CERF Support and Development

Rescentris Inc., which later became ELN Technologies, then irisnote, was the creator of the CERF Electronic Lab Notebook. As of April 2014, Lab-Ally LLC has been authorized to take over CERF support as well as all marketing, distribution, deployment and ongoing development of the CERF ELN product. Why should users invest in a CERF support contract? CERF […]

ELN Helps Put the “Excellence” in the Next Generation of ELNs

Bio-IT World has published a new article covering the maturation of ELN software beyond simply replacing paper lab notebooks. Often referenced in the article, “ELN Excellence: The New Lab Notebooks,” is CERF’s advanced approach to collaboration, IP protection, and mobility via our iPad app iCERF. The article reports that “for ELNs to truly replace paper, the next frontier is […]

OSU Digital Union Learns About ELNs

What is ELN OSU presentation

Students and faculty members of Ohio State University recently had a chance to learn what Electronic Lab Notebooks are and how they are used in lab research settings. Specialists Rob Day and Wolfgang Rumpf visited the University’s Digital Union on January 29th and talked about why ELNs are needed in modern research. During their visit, […]

NAABB Client Recommendation

We have been using Rescentris CERF for over a year now for the NAABB program ( Being that this consortium is comprised of 28 different organizations across the country, we needed a way for everyone to collaborate efficiently and effectively with minimal effort. CERF allowed us to set up workgroups and file shares to share […]