5 Ways to Protect IP in Research Collaborations

Collaboration today is distributed across disciplines, org charts, and enterprises in an internet-enabled environment. These partnerships deliver tremendous benefits through innovative idea generation, shared technologies, lower costs, greater speed and agility, and a range of talents and expertise not always practical to maintain within a single organization. The successful creation, capture, and exploitation of resulting […]

Meeting compliance with CERF

Date, time, and user stamp in the iPad App

When I was getting my Ph.D. (a “gradual” student, as my girlfriend refers to it), I wasn’t too terribly concerned with protecting my IP. Neither was my graduate advisor. We were both big science nerds (sorry, Bill, but you know it’s true!), in it for the love of discovery (as many scientists are). Luckily, everything […]

How Scientific Misconduct Cases Could Be Avoided With ELN

Scientific fraud

We all want to believe that the results of experiments that scientists report are proven facts, backed by a wealth of statistical data and peer review. That is what research is all about, right? Unfortunately, several instances of scientific misconduct have been uncovered in recent years, highlighting another true fact: scientists are not infallible. Yet […]

SharePoint or ELN: Using the right tool for the job

Manage data electronically

Written by Isabel Fasciano What is the difference between Microsoft SharePoint and an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)? While both are designed to store and share data, thus fostering business communication and collaboration, an ELN has the added advantage of being uniquely designed to satisfy the needs of the scientific community’s workflows, information viewing, and built-in compliance […]

Why Researchers Want an ELN

Better productivity given as the top reason scientists want an ELN

Better productivity, particularly better organization, is the number one reason given by clients for wanting an ELN in their laboratories, according to our 2011 client survey report1. In that case they are in the right spot, as electronic lab notebooks are reported to improve efficiency by 25% or more2. Other major driving factors for implementing […]