Lab-Ally Continues CERF Support and Development

CERF Support from Lab-Ally LLC

Rescentris Inc., which later became ELN Technologies, then irisnote, was the creator of the CERF Electronic Lab Notebook. As of April 2014, Lab-Ally LLC has been authorized to take over CERF support as well as all marketing, distribution, deployment and ongoing development of the CERF ELN product.

Why should users invest in a CERF support contract?

CERF was designed to be a robust research data collection and management tool and a permanent home for the mission-critical knowledge that your organization has worked hard to create. CERF is reliable and enjoys better than industry average up-times, but the future is not certain. Power or equipment failures, network outages, software / SQL database corruption, user errors,  minor untested operating system updates or host infrastructure changes can all create unexpected problems or cause the performance of your CERF system to degrade. If there were to be a problem with your CERF ELN server, where would you turn?  Without experienced and qualified assistance from Lab-Ally, you may risk losing functionality, or  worse, there exists the possibility that you may even lose access to your valuable research data.

Additionally, if your organization wants to continue using CERF but has increased in size and needs to purchase new seats or migrate your server to more powerful hardware, Lab-Ally can help you with these challenges too. Finally, in the field of information technology, those who are not moving forward are actually moving backwards relative to everyone else. As industry standard and technologies evolve, so too must CERF evolve to keep pace with changes to industry standards and new security threats.  Lab-Ally will continue to create new and improved versions of CERF, with new plugins to extend the system’s core capabilities, and new technologies to keep pace with industry trends. These updates and improvements are only available to organizations with a current Lab-Ally support contract and because modern product development is so expensive, continued development of the CERF product is only possible because of the revenue generated by your support payments.

You can learn more about CERF here.

Lab-Ally LLC is an independent company and is not affiliated with Rescentris / irisnote, but we have all the capabilities of the original producers of CERF and more. We do whatever it takes to keep your research data safe and ensure continued CERF support for the ELN platform.

Lab-Ally understands how critical it is for scientists and institutions to be able to protect and access the library of data on their CERF server.  They have been able to forge a relationship with former members of the Rescentris / irisnote engineering and support team, and thus, they are better positioned than any other entity to provide full technical CERF support services for these ELN customers.  If you are a CERF user and you have questions about these products, or if you are currently experiencing technical difficulties with your server, contact today to discuss your support options. Flexible 12 month, 6 month and even month-to-month CERF support contracts are available and they charge significantly less for support than the original manufacturer.

CERF is designed for use in small / medium commercial and biomedical research labs with stringent compliance needs an a preference for on-site data management. If you are considering an institutional deployment of an ELN product suitable for use by thousands of simultaneous users, contact us to learn more about our full product range.

For more information, contact us today.

To speak directly with their CERF support desk, call: US (614) 602-1526 or email here.