SharePoint or ELN: Using the right tool for the job

Manage data electronically

Written by Isabel Fasciano What is the difference between Microsoft SharePoint and an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)? While both are designed to store and share data, thus fostering business communication and collaboration, an ELN has the added advantage of being uniquely designed to satisfy the needs of the scientific community’s workflows, information viewing, and built-in compliance […]

Are You New to ELNs?

Electronic lab notebook

Are you just getting in to the world of electronic laboratory notebooks? Most ELN makers jump right into the details of their features without much of an introduction. Features are important because you want to know the ELN you choose will meet your needs. But all those terms won’t mean much to the newcomer. Our newest page What is an ELN? is […]

Shared Vocabularies: Research Needs Catch Up With Our ELN

What happens when researchers identify the same information by different terms? “We advocate that vocabulary standards become an intrinsic element within industry softwareConsider the difficulties created in later finding or sharing existing research, whether internally through staff turnover or externally among an increasingly collaborative scientific community, when information is not recorded or tagged with uniform […]