iCERF iPad Client

Looking for an ELN for iPad? New for 2016, the iCERF iPad Client is a native iPad app, not a website accessed through a browser, which takes advantage of the manual gesture interactivity of the iOS operating system. Flip pages, slide open menus, and scroll through your notebook entries with the tip of a finger. The portability of the iPad makes it easy to replace a paper notebook with iCERF, and has the added functionality of web browsing, note taking, camera, and specialized apps for science and laboratories all in one place. Bring back the tactile experience of recording your work in a lab notebook while relying on the iCERF’s ability to capture, leverage, collaborate, manage and protect your data as you create it in real time.

iCERF iPad app

iCERF for iPad allows research scientists to document experiments on the go, in addition to adding files, images, bookmarks, and more. Users can access their research stored in their enterprise CERF ELN, check out files for editing with standard iPad Apps and then return them to the server just as you would with the full desktop application. Works great with Apple’s standard voice-to-text dictation and third party handwriting recognition apps. Scientists everywhere agree; Lab-Ally’s new iCERF app brings convenient e-notebook mobility to data collection in the lab and is absolutely the best ELN for use with Apple iPad.

iCERF Features

Document experiments

  • Type text entries to plan and record your work
  • Take camera pictures or add images
  • Add audio recordings directly as a notebook entry
  • Copy and Paste files into the notebook
  • See raw data, Word, Excel, PDF files, chemical structures, sequence files and more right on the page with our unique file rendering
  • Check out files for editing with supported iPad Apps and check them back in when you are done
  • Use supported third party handwriting tools with a finger or stylus or voice-to-text to record actions quickly & effortlessly

Organize studies and references

  • Upload to built-in file storage
  • Add files of any type and extension
  • Access Dropbox from within CERF
  • Use the powerful CERF search tool to find knowledge assets quickly in the lab or even in the field if your iPad and firewall supports cellular networking.

View the iCERF User Manual here

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Or head to the iTunes App Store to download the iCERF iPad ELN today!