Solutions for Researchers

Solutions for ResearchersThe CERF ELN provides a simple, yet powerful long-term replacement for paper notebooks, enabling scientists to easily capture, organize, search and share their work. Never lose key literature or repeat experiments again. Collaborate with your colleagues using role-based permissions.  Use your favorite applications on your Mac, Windows or iPad and send the same files you would usually create straight to CERF.  All of your data is safe and secure with CERF’s automated audit trail and full compliance features. Use the CERF Automaton and email-to-CERF to help you get all of your data instantly from its point of origin to the secure server, with no more worries about lost data in the field or scattered files generated throughout your facility by miscellaneous instruments.

Solutions for Principal Investigators

Solutions for Principal InvestigatorsCERF safeguards your intellectual property with automated audit trails, complete revision history, and strong access control and encryption. Our innovative features let you know what’s happening in your lab, even if you aren’t there. Powerful collaboration capabilities let you control who’s sharing what and with whom. Use semantic metadata to bring timeless and consistent meaning to files so that your future scientists will understand them and build upon them. Locate, bundle and export resources quickly and easily with all of your research and business documents consolidated in a single framework. You can even let scientists who are leaving the lab take selected work with them, while maintaining easy access to all of their research. CERF is easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy on your budget.

Solutions for IT

Solutions for ITWe built the CERF ELN not only for scientists and research managers, but also for the folks deploying and maintaining the system. We simplified many tasks so researchers could do them, off-loading your busy (and expensive) IT staff and expediting the deployment process. We made CERF simple to install, simple to scale and simple to manage, so that even small organizations with no dedicated IT team of their own can enjoy the many benefits of a modern ELN / SDMS / ERMS. Enjoy the flexibility of deployment on the cloud, or on-site, on a real or virtual server or connected to MySQL, MS SQL or Oracle. CERF offers unparalleled flexibility.

CERF for iPad

CERF for iPadiCERF provides a simple, yet powerful replacement for paper notes and bulky, immobile workstations in the lab. iCERF  is a native iPad app which takes full advantage of the iOS operating system. Flip through pages, slide open menus, and scroll through your notebook entries with the tip of a finger. Get instant and convenient access to protocols, data sheets, images and documents of all kind. Tap documents to read them. Use the standard keyboard, handwriting recognition apps, voice-to-text, or the built in camera and GPS features to instantly record data as you work, making true real-time recording at the bench a reality. If you have always wanted an iPad ELN, Lab-Ally and iCERF offer the best solution available. Download it from iTunes today.