Data Longevity and Backup Solutions

data longevity

Backup Solutions As we have been discussing, data security wouldn’t be complete without a robust solution to backup your critical information. Often when performing databased backups on complex enterprise document management systems a simple backup of the database does not capture all of the information, data files, metadata and versioning records which may be stored […]

More on Data Security

In continuing with our discussion of security components that are critical to Cloud or On-Premise (Enterprise) applications, Data Security has to be among the top issues for ELN and LIMS systems. In the ELN market, “data” is information stored in many different formats, from files to databases on many different devices from network servers, personal […]

Using Scorecards to Rank Security Needs

Feature Scorecard Example

Last week we briefly discussed the fact that security means different things to different people depending on their job function, point-of-view, or context. Often a purchase decision needs cross-functional teams comprised of the different stakeholders affected when evaluating Enterprise or Cloud Software security solutions. What good does it do for IT to mandate a system because […]