5 Ways to Protect IP in Research Collaborations

Collaboration today is distributed across disciplines, org charts, and enterprises in an internet-enabled environment. These partnerships deliver tremendous benefits through innovative idea generation, shared technologies, lower costs, greater speed and agility, and a range of talents and expertise not always practical to maintain within a single organization. The successful creation, capture, and exploitation of resulting […]

Protecting IP while sharing research

Last week we talked about sharing your work in iCERF for the iPad.  The reason we need great collaboration tools like iCERF is because we frequently do need to share our work and show it to other scientists – that’s how progress is made, by bouncing ideas off of one another, and by building on the work of […]

How Scientific Misconduct Cases Could Be Avoided With ELN

Scientific fraud

We all want to believe that the results of experiments that scientists report are proven facts, backed by a wealth of statistical data and peer review. That is what research is all about, right? Unfortunately, several instances of scientific misconduct have been uncovered in recent years, highlighting another true fact: scientists are not infallible. Yet […]