Find Experts with CERF ELN

desktop find experts

Find Experts is CERF ELN’s patent-pending system for letting you search everything – every notebook, every folder, not just your own – on the system without breaking the rules or violating privacy of 21CFR11. Find Experts lets you search by the same keywords and terms, or words in documents, that most other searches let you do […]

Press Release: ELN for iPad Wins Best in Show at Bio-IT Expo

bio-it best of show

CERF Recognized by Bio-IT World Redwood City, CA April 26, 2012     ELN Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has won Best of Show for Best Web-based Software. The Best of Show award is granted by Bio-IT World Magazine editors and industry experts in recognition of products that are distinguished from the competition. CERF for […]