CERF 5.0 family of scientific data management tools is the first version of CERF created entirely by Lab-Ally

CERF 5.0 is the first version of the CERF ELN system created entirely by Lab-Ally LLC. Engineering efforts for this release have focused on redeploying the CERF source code to a modern, stable, fully integrated and highly collaborative development and support environment which will serve as CERF’s new permanent home. This modern development environment will allow Lab-Ally to move quickly and efficiently forward with our new brand new and refocused roadmap. In this latest version, CERF’s already best-in-industry search engine is more powerful than ever, and now allows users to search for specific CERF resource IDs, and limit searches to specific file types or collections, better facilitating your organization’s ability to quickly locate key resources from within an ocean of data or documents accumulated over years or decades of use. In subsequent releases, the CERF search engine will also become increasingly important as a tool for building dynamically updated data sets and for the selective export of data, files and information summaries that can then be further analyzed with external tools.