Handwriting Recognition Notebook Entries

iCERF is the first electronic laboratory notebook software with built-in handwriting recognitio

I’ve always been something of a geek. Somewhere in the basement (alongside the collection of 8-bit Ataris) are my old Apple Newton Messagepads. I loved the Messagepads – they were far superior organizers to any other handheld at the time, and with the intelligent handwriting recognition they even beat many of the devices available today. […]

Working with Notebooks in CERF for iPad

Cover of a Notebook in the irisnote iPad application with one section listed on the right

One of the biggest advantages to the iCERF iPad app is that it gives me the simple look and feel of a paper notebook, with the usability of a computer. For example: I can insert pages in my Notebook and organize them in sections (just like you do with a three-ring binder). Once I have […]

Press Release: ELN for iPad Wins Best in Show at Bio-IT Expo

bio-it best of show

CERF Recognized by Bio-IT World Redwood City, CA April 26, 2012     ELN Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has won Best of Show for Best Web-based Software. The Best of Show award is granted by Bio-IT World Magazine editors and industry experts in recognition of products that are distinguished from the competition. CERF for […]

Press Release: ELN Leads iPad Electronic Lab Notebook Apps

  Company to Demonstrate Re-Designed “CERF for iPad” Next Week at Bio-IT World Expo Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) April 17, 2012 ELN Technologies announced today that it will unveil an all-new version of the CERF electronic laboratory notebook iPad App at the 10th Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston next week. CERF for iPad […]

iPads in the Lab

irisnote iPad app

How will iPads affect data collection in the lab? Imagine working in a lab, recording experiment observations on a lightweight, portable notebook that captures all of your time/date information automatically, takes pictures, seamlessly incorporates equipment data files, and lets you look up references all in the same place. If you imagined a paper notebook, you’ll […]

Why Researchers Want an ELN

Better productivity given as the top reason scientists want an ELN

Better productivity, particularly better organization, is the number one reason given by clients for wanting an ELN in their laboratories, according to our 2011 client survey report1. In that case they are in the right spot, as electronic lab notebooks are reported to improve efficiency by 25% or more2. Other major driving factors for implementing […]