Thinking of upgrading to macOS Sierra?

Sierra, macOS 10.12, is now available as a free upgrade. This new version of the Mac OS supports java 7 and higher. This update removes java 6, which is required by CERF 4.5.

What does this mean for you? If any of the apps on your Mac are written for java 6, they will stop working when you upgrade your OS. Since there is no Java 6 download for macOS 10.12, Apple recommends that all developers migrate their apps to a newer Java version provided by Oracle.

Lab-Ally is releasing CERF 5.0 soon which is fully compatible with Sierra. For those of you in IT, CERF 5.0 is based on java 8 and is also code-signed as an Apple Identified Developer, making it our most Mac friendly version ever.

So… should you upgrade to Sierra? If you’re a CERF user we recommend that you hang tight until we release CERF 5.0 in a few weeks. We’re excited about this massive update and we know you’ll love it.

If you’ve already upgraded and now your CERF app is not working, you can download our special Sierra friendly version of the client here. Please remember that this software is still in beta and may contain occasional bugs.

If your organization has an active support contract, we will automatically contact your IT department to upgrade your servers as soon as CERF 5.0 is released!

CERF Support

UPDATE: CERF 5.0 has been released and is fully signed and compatible with macOS Sierra.